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Holiday home, hotel or office. A Keyless property is safer.

Smart technology has revolutionised home security. So, why do so many locks still use old-school keys? Keys can be broken, lost and copied, creating security risks.

That’s why we believe in a Keyless world. A world where you never have to collect a key to a rental property. Or worry about losing it.

The Keyless app turns your mobile phone into a smart key, providing secure and easy access to rental properties, offices and holiday homes. No more key handovers. No more nights spent locked out. No keys. No fobs. No keycards. Simply lock and unlock the door using your phone.

Unlock a Keyless life.

Manage and secure your property from wherever you are, all in the Keyless app.

For property managers, the Keyless app takes the hassle out of hosting or managing multiple properties. Set up occupant profiles, time parameters for when guests can enter their property and internal access rights from the mobile app or web application.

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Staying at a Keyless property?

One simple app. Dozens of features designed to make life simpler and more convenient.

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Staying at a Keyless property makes accessing your hotel or rental as simple as possible, so you can focus on relaxing. Your host can share access directly to your phone via the Keyless app, meaning there’s no need to collect a key on arrival. You’ll never want to stay at an old-school property again.

Find out more about how to use the Keyless app as a guest.

Why live a Keyless life?

A front door is more than just a door. So, shouldn’t your key be more than just a key? Keyless technology is a game-changer for everyone from property managers to holidaymakers, Airbnb hosts to frequent business travelers. This super app does more than just keep your property secure; it provides easy access to useful local services, including food delivery and emergency support.

Ready to unlock your Keyless life?

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