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    1. What is Keyless?

    Keyless is an innovative initiative by the government of Dubai to change all the rental homes platforms to Keyless or digital keys.


    1. How does Keyless work?

    Keyless uses a smartphone app which uses the Bluetooth connectivity phone to unlock the keyless capable locks.


    1. Can Keyless be used with any smartphone?

    Keyless app is available for both iOS and android through App store and play store respectively.


    1. Is keyless secure?

    Keyless uses encryption and secure authentication methods to ensure the safety and security of its users.


    5.What is the price of Keyless product?

    • To buy Keyless product, the property manager must sign up to
    • On the bottom left of the home screen click on option ‘sign up’.
    • Click on it and you can see the subscription plan for one year. Subscription plan for 1 year which is valid from the date of purchase of the premium plan.
    • If there is any customization in between, only the fee of extra customization is paid till the remaining date.


    6.How does keyless support its customers?

    • Keyless have 3 support system for customers. Raise ticket, call or Live chat bot.
    • Go to the user portal and sign in as a customer.
    • At bottom left on side menu Click on option ‘support’. You can find Raise ticket and call the customer service over there.
    • Customer service is available round the clock on their toll-free number.


    1. Is there any penalty in case the customer wants to cancel the subscription before the period?



    8.Customer bought the device by mistake and want to return it and get refunded. What should I do?

    As per the terms and conditions of Keyless, there is no refund policy. Other billing scenarios like double payment has another procedure to follow.


    1. Customer has asked on how to identify the size of the key device and is it related to door to fit.

    Customer can measure the diameter of their door manually to determine the appropriate size, and an illustration guide will soon be added to the website to assist with selecting the correct size during the ordering process.


    1. How long will it take to deliver the product and installation?
    • If the stock is available, the property manager receives a call in 2 business days. Installation will be completed in 5 days from purchasing the product.
    • If the stock is not available, the installation will be completed approximately 10 to 16 weeks. The inventory is maintained according to order basis to abstain from any mishap.


    11.what are the procedures for cancellation? How much does it cost? What are the channels for that?

    • To cancel the product, sign into your page. On the bottom left of the side menu Click on option ‘Plans and transactions.’
    • Click on update under the option payment details.
    • In the new tab click on option ‘Update licenses needed(total)’, Change the license number to 0.


    1. How much does it cost to add additional properties more than 25? How can customer apply for that?
    • The cost for additional properties AED5 for 10 properties.
    • They can change the number of properties in the signup process while choosing the subscription plan.
    • Follow the same procedure as in question number 1.
    • Click on ‘Get started’ to customize your package. (Customization available only in premium plan).
    • On the bottom right on option ‘Add additional properties Change the tab bar to the no. of properties you want to buy (Aed 5 for 10 properties). And click sign u
    • Or click plans and transaction after signing in. Click on ‘update’ on
    • Make the changes you want to. And click on submit.


    1. What is maximum number allowed for the primary Guest to give access for another guest?  or is it unlimited?

    1 user can share access with 2 guests


    14.How much does it cost for the additional event history after 3000? and how can I purchase it?

    • The cost for additional 1000 properties is AED10, and the property manager has two options for purchasing it.
    • They can either do it during the sign-up process while filling in their information.
    • or they can choose to upgrade their plan through the plans and transactions section on their dashboard.

    Follow question 8 for clarification.


    1. How much does keyless cost?

    Keyless pricing for Hardware and software type is different.

    Keyless software is yearly subscription or basic plan for life. For yearly subscription

    For hardware purchase, i.e., purchase of locks goes to website and sign up.

    Afterwards sign in to


    1. Can Keyless be used with existing lock?

    To Integrate the Keyless lock to other locks, follow few guidelines to integrate the hardware into keyless platform. The documents required are: –

    • General information about device
    • Technical documentation
    • Fire rating certificate

    The features of the lock required are: –

    • The lock should be electronic (offline or online version)
    • Bluetooth capable is mandatory. NFC capable is mandatory.
    • It should be compatible with RFID card in the events Bluetooth is non-functional.
    • Software should allow integration with third party application
    • Software should be Ip54 and have 90 mins fire rating certificate.
    • Device should have an internal clock.
    • Battery information from the device should be retrievable
    • Battery type should be available in retail use for the ease of customers.


    17.Can keyless be used as both residential and commercial properties?

    Yes, Keyless can be used in both residential and commercial properties.


    1. Does Keyless require internet connectivity?

    For the initial stage Keyless require internet connectivity. However, for unlocking the door there is no requirement for internet connectivity. If any issue is faced by the property manager for unlocking the door, the troubleshooting method prefers to switch on Wi-Fi to check if it works. Though this step is not mandatory during usage, during the times of mishap it is recommended.


    1. How many digital keys can I create with Keyless?

    Digital keys created are according to the plan proposed.


    1. How does Keyless support its customers?
    • Round the clock customer support is available for the customers.
    • After signing in, click support on the side menu ‘ticket’ to raise tickets.
    • Click ‘Give us a call’ for calls.


    1. Can Keyless be used internationally?

    Keyless is currently available in UAE only. Email us to check availability in other regions.


    1. what happens to key if I lose my phone?

    You can login to the application from any mobile phone and download the application from the relevant store.


    1. Does Keyless support biometric Authentication?



    1. Can Keyless be used for real time monitoring?

    Yes, Keyless can be used for real time monitoring through the web and mobile app.


    1. How does Keyless handle power outages?

    Keyless system works offline. This, power outages do not affect your access to your property.


    1. How does Keyless handle multiple languages?

    Keyless currently works in English and Arabic.


    1. How does keyless handle system updates?

    Keyless allows you to create digital keys for guests by just entering their email ID and defining the period of stay by setting a specific start and end date time for their access.


    1. What is sub-user management?

    Sub user management allows you to differentiate between an employee and a guest.


    1. How many digital keys can I use with Keyless?

    Depending on the subscription model selected there can be limit to the number of users who can access a single lock with Keyless.


    1. Is there a limit to the number of users who can access a single lock with Keyless.

    Depending on the subscription model selected there is no limit to the number of users who can access a single lock with Keyless. You can add as many users as you need to provide access to the lock.


    1. Does Keyless work with all types of doors?

    Keyless is compatible with most types of doors, including wooden, metal, and PVC doors.


    1. Can I grant temporary access to a user with Keyless?

    Yes, you can add temporary access to a user with Keyless by setting a specific start and end date and time for the digital key.


    1. Can I see a history of who has accessed my property with Keyless?

    By entering the lock history options, you will be able to see in list view all the users who have accessed your property with date and time.


    1. Can I use keyless to monitor the access of my employees?

    Yes, Keyless can be used to monitor the access of your employees and to track their activity.


    1. How does Keyless handle guest access?

    Keyless allows you to create digital keys for guests by just entering their email ID and defining the period of their stay by setting a specific start and end date time for their access.


    1. Is Keyless easy to install?

    Yes, Keyless is easy to install and can be done in minutes. We have a team of installers always available at your disposal.


    1. What should I do if I am unable to access the apartment using the application?

    First try the basic trouble shooting of the problem like checking the battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on, Check the guest access, check for app updates, Restart the application, and reset the network settings. Try doing all the above and see if it’s working.

    Once all the steps are tested, you should raise a ticket as mentioned in question 20.


    1. What are the type of locks and connectivity options available?

    Keyless and ISEO are the two types of locks available. Information available in the acrobat document below.



    1. What are the difference between basic and premium plan?
    • Basic plan is available at no cost and includes certain features only. With basic plan, you can have up to 3 licenses, meaning you can purchase up to 3 locks under the same plan. For premium plan we can customize our domain guests’ access, history, etc. Secondly, share access to each lock with up to 3 users, including yourself as the property manager. Additionally, you can view up to 150 event history, up to 150 unlock times, for the 151 time it will replace the earliest recorded event with each new record. Lastly, the basic plan allows you to register up to three properties on the same plan. There is no user profiling for the dashboard, which means your company domain, such as, will not be used.
    • For premium plan, 1 to Unlimited E-Locks. You can purchase up to unlimited locks under the same plan.10 Active Users per lock. You can share access with up to 10 users per lock and you can customize it later throw signing up process or from your dashboard and increase the number of users to each lock. 3000 Events History per lock you will see up to 3000 times for unlock and you increase it and customize it later. 25 Property registration you can register up to 25 properties under each lock.  Get a Personalized Domain User profiling (Employees and Guests) The Property manager can define the staff as any role.   Ticket and Call Support


    40.Can I request a refund?

    There is no refund policy. In T&C


    41.The history will expire, or it will have an expiration date, or it will be available for unlimited time.

    The history does not have expiration date. It will be always showing to the property manager, and he    cannot delete the history from his side, If the original plan states a certain number of event history, and the guests exceed those numbers, a new event will replace the first one.


    1. What Is the timeline for Emergency visit to reach the property?

    Up to 2 hours.


    1. What is the timeline for installation by details?

    3-5 working days.


    1. Why does the lock show a red light when the guest is trying to access the property by his assigned card?

    The property manager in this case didn’t configure the card for the guest.


    1. How much does it cost for an installation visit?

    If the installer visits out of working times the property manager will pay 350 AED and each lock will be charged 100 AED. The installation time will take 15 min.


    1. How much does it cost for the emergency visit?

    If it is an emergency visit and the issue is from outside, it will be free of cost. If the issue is from property manager, he have to pay for the expenses.

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